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Mission Statement:

The primary goal of Medical Biomechanics is to perform competent legal medicine or medical-legal consultations and provide qualified testimony on behalf of insurance companies and law firms nationwide. Services are rendered to both the plaintiff and defense. The emphasis is on performing comprehensive medical reviews combined with biomechnical analysis if required. The intent of our evaluations is related to an assessment of injury causation and reasonable and appropriate medical care, standard of care in the community, and a determination of medical impairment and disability for all types of personal injuries.

MBI endeavors to ensure the objective nature of its' case reviews and requires that the opinions rendered by its' experts be logical and comport with the facts of the case. In addition to their clinical experience, in selective cases, it is very important that MBI's experts be conversant with the medical literature and standard of care in the medical community, especially for medical malpractice cases. The physicians are asked to render impartial opinions that take into consideration relevant medical information in peer-reviewed literature or concensus guidelines.

All experts are retained by MBI's Medical Director, an M.D. MBI requests that all case evaluations and work be performed directly and solely by Board Certified MDs and/or qualified biomechanical engineers. MBI utilizes this case review procedure in order to promote the accuracy and objectivity of the review.

The opinions rendered on cases are solely the opinions of MBI's medical and biomechanical engineering experts. Their evaluations are conducted on the basis of the medical documentation and accident data as provided with the assumption that the material is true, complete and correct. If more information becomes available at a later date to include an evaluation of the opinions from other experts and rebuttal opinions, then additional services, reports, or reconsideration may be requested. Such information may or may not change the opinions rendered in the evaluation. This opinion is based on a clinical and/or biomechnical assessment from the documentation provided. This opinion does not constitute per se a recommendation for specific claims of administrative functions to be made or enforced.