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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MBI's turn-around time regarding case reviews and the preparation of reports?

Typically 30 days.

Can MBI facilitate RUSH assignments?

Yes. MBI meets legal deadlines for the retention of experts and completes verbal or written reports prior to the statute of limitations.

Do MBI's experts testify?

Yes. All experts are expected to provide live testimony.

How does MBI select its' experts?

Medical experts are culled from University medical schools or in private practice and shall be Board Certified in their respective medical specialty. For complex personal injury and medical malpractice cases, MBI sometimes identifies medical experts who have published peer reviewed literature germane to the case. The company endeavors to identify experts local to the venue of the case whenever possible to minimize client legal costs. MBI seeks unbiased experts that provide objective and logical opinions and present well at trial.

Who does the client correspond with at MBI?

The point of contact is Jeffrey S. Putter, M.D. @ tel.: 760.751.0928 for the North San Diego County Corporate Office. He is the Medical Director and medical liaison to the experts for all case assignments.

Can consultation with MBI's Medical Director benefit my case?

Yes. The value added for case reviews and litigation support is that MBI's Medical Director has 10 years of legal medicine experience at the company. He has evaluated hundreds of cases in all of the medical specialties and is knowledgeable in the area of biomechanics. He is intimately familiar with causation analyses for injuries and the standard of medical care in the community. He can efficiently review key medical literature and analyze the salient issues with multiple physician experts. He can rapidly collate and analyze the opinions of experts. Dr. Putter can advise the client regarding the merits of the case, injury causation, and damages. He has been personally responsible for the direct retention of 500+ experts at MBI. Please see his biographical sketch for further information on Dr. Putter's qualifications and credentials.

How do I send a case to MBI and what information is required for a case review?

MBI can be retained on work assignments either by completing MBI's Service Request Form or submitting a personal letter. In motor vehicle accident cases, the most frequent request is for both a Medical Review and a Biomechanical Evaluation. Original vehicle photographs or laser copies, damage estimates, traffic accident report, occupant statements, and medical records should be forwarded to MBI's Medical Director, Jeffrey S. Putter, M.D.

For medical malpractice case reviews, the Medical Director can provide an initial screening of the medical records for a fee that does not exceed $500. Dr. Putter will often discuss the case with other experts and may perform a preliminary literature search as part of the initial review.

I don't need a case review or screening of the records. I just need the expert. Can MBI locate a qualified expert witness for trial and what are the charges for that service?

Yes. MBI is extremely flexible to meet the client's needs and can provide services limited to just locating an expert for trial. There are cases in which the client has already performed their own research and they have a comprehensive understanding of the issues. Given the amount of time required to locate an expert, MBI charges $150/hr. for this service. Curriculum vitaes, deposition, and trial testimony fees are obtained specifically for all experts.

In what states does MBI conduct business?

MBI provides services nationwide and has conducted most states.