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Corporate Information

Officers, contractors, legal, legal medicine and financial support personnel, and representative expert consultants:

Medical Director and CEO: Jeffrey S. Putter, M.D.

500+ medical specialists at University Teaching Hospitals or in private practice

Robert Anderson, Biomechanical Engineer

Corporate Attorney: John O'Neil, Esq., Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves, Savitch, LLP, San Diego, CA

CPA: Maurice Correia, Matranga and Correia, La Jolla, CA

Clients and cases:

Medical Biomechanics Inc. or MBI was incorporated in April of 1993. The principal focus of the company is to provide personal injury and medical malpractice consulting services along with expert witness testimony for insurance companies and attorneys nationwide. MBI has initiated 3,000+ consulting work assignments involving all the medical specialties. MBI provides comprehensive medical and biomechanical review services with an equitable distribution of its clients including both the plaintiff and defense. MBI represents the interests of its clients in the areas of personal injury and automotive casualty, biomechanical evaluations, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical and toxic injuries, workers' compensation, commercial liability, heavy equipment and electrical injuries, medical aspects of criminal cases, and managed care.


MBI has 500+ consulting expert witnesses who are available to provide expert testimony in the venue of the case. Medical and biomechanical evaluations typically require the careful coordination of the opinions of a Board Certified physician and a biomechanical engineer. Complex medical malpractice and other types of cases may involve more than one expert.

Experts are chosen selectively by MBI's full-time Medical Director, Jeffrey S. Putter, M.D. who has four board certifications in the legal medicine field. After screening of the file, Dr. Putter endeavors to choose a qualified expert local to the venue of the case to minimize the client's expenses during litigation. The selected expert must match the same specialization of the opposing expert to include equivalent qualifications and credentials. In addition, Dr. Putter is continually asked to locate new experts because of the specialized nature of MBI's cases.

MBI's Medical Director, an M.D.:

The Medical Director's primary functions related to experts and case reviews include:

(1) Screening of cases. Medical malpractice cases are screened for a fee that does not exceed $500.

(2) Medical Director serves as the medical liaison between MBI's 500+ experts and the client.

(3) Select experts that are ideal for courtroom testimony.

(4) Meet short-notice deadlines related to case reviews and retaining experts.

(5) In medical malpractice cases, the Medical Director is available for gratis client teleconferences to discuss complex case issues.

(6) Can efficiently review key medical literature and analyze salient issues with multiple physician experts.

(7) Rapidly collate and analyze opinions of experts.

(8) Advise client regarding the merits of the case, injury causation, and damages.

(9) Arrange for Independent Medical Evaluations, schedule depositions, and ensure the experts are available for live testimony at trial.

Insurance coverage:

MBI'S commercial and professional E&O liability insurance policies are current.